Gijima Group Limited

Accounting for majority of all ratings accorded on the African continent.

Gijima Group Limited

South Africa
2013-03-05 15:50:05
  • AddedYearNamePrice
    2016-01-13 2015 2015-12-Gijima R 1800 Add to cart
    2015-02-20 2014 2014-12-Gijima R 900 Add to cart
    2014-02-28 2013 2013-12-Gijima R 450 Add to cart
  • National Scale International Scale
    S/T Debt L/T Debt CPA FS Outlook Rating Outlook Expiry Date
    Withdrawn Withdrawn 2015-12
    B(ZA) BB-(ZA) Stable 2016-12
    B(ZA) BB(ZA) Stable 2015-12
    B(ZA) BB(ZA) Negative 2014-11
    B(ZA) BB(ZA) Negative 2014-04
    B(ZA) BB+(ZA) Negative 2013-10
    A3(ZA) BBB-(ZA) Rating watch 2012-09
    A2(ZA) BBB(ZA) Stable 2011-09
    A2(ZA) BBB(ZA) Positive 2010-11
    A2(ZA) BBB(ZA) Positive 2010-09

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