East African Development Bank (Rwanda)

Accounting for majority of all ratings accorded on the African continent.

East African Development Bank (Rwanda)

Financial Inst.
2014-04-01 14:22:57
East African Development Bank
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  • National Scale International Scale
    S/T Debt L/T Debt CPA FS Outlook Rating Outlook Expiry Date
    A1+(RW) AAA(RW) Stable BB+ Stable 2019-11
    A1+(RW) AA+(RW) Stable BB+ Stable 2018-11
    A1+(RW) AA+(RW) Stable BB+ Stable 2017-11
    A1+(RW) AA+(RW) Stable BB+ Stable 2016-11
    A1+(RW) AA(RW) Stable BB Stable 2015-11
    A1+(RW) AA(RW) Stable BB Stable 2014-11

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